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Our service is likewise streamlined: That means that your precious free time can be spent on the fun part of online dating — the dates themselves! We streamline our matchmaking process by getting to know the real you via our in-depth personality test. Based on the Five Factor model theory by McCrae and Costa, this test forms the backbone of the EliteSingles experience and the basis of our smart matchmaking. His husband works in a coffee shop and does massage out of their living room.

Another friend works at a telecom company, and several gay acquaintances shuffle around between low-wage jobs waitstaff, bartenders, etc.

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While the ones with steady work live reasonably well, and pay a lot of attention to their living spaces, I don't know that they are noticeably richer than my straight friends. Good point.

LGBT billionaires

As a straight single male software engineer working in Silicon Valley, I appeared pretty affluent, as did all my married acquaintances who lived in places like Atherton. Aside from who they are attracted to, they are just like all of the rest of us. That is almost certainly false. First, studies find that gay people do indeed have higher average incomes. Second, if gay people were just like straight people, then it should be impossible to tell if a person is gay unless you are having sex with him and he is the same gender as you.

In reality, gay people are often easy to distinguish from a distance, meaning that other things besides their sexual preferences distinguish them.

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This doesn't have to be true for every last gay person--and certainly isn't--but it's true of enough of them that your statement is false. Third, being gay is not just psychological--if it were, then people could choose, maybe with some effort, to be gay or not be gay. Instead, homosexuality is caused to a significant degree by our chemical makeup.

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  • It seems unlikely that one trait sexual preference should be affected by a certain unusual chemical makeup consistently in one way while all other traits are left intact. That seems irrelevant. Neighborhoods full of college students tend to also be free of kids, but those neighborhoods look like crap. In that case, it has more to do with expendable income. Neighborhoods where most kids go home to single moms tend to look shabby.

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    • Meet The World's LGBT Billionaires!
    • Neighborhoods where most kids go home to Mom and Dad tend to look nice. If I didn't have a non-working spouse and a couple of kids I could trade my Ford in for a Bentley without breaking a sweat, and I'm no "one percenter".

      Are Gay Men Really Rich? (Ep. 148)

      Like J, I doubt the gay population has a higher percentage of high earners; they just for the most part have essentially no family expenses. Gay men do indeed enjoy higher average incomes, and thus can afford to buy or rent, and maintain, nicer-looking property.

      This turned out to be true of my gay friends from college and high school. One aspect of gay male culture, for whatever reason, seems to be an almost Victorian obsession with tidiness. So, not only can they afford nicer-looking property, but they also want it.